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Namaste. My name is Jefferson and it is an honour to support your journey toward improved physical, emotional and mental well being.

A member of the Yoga Alliance, I graduated from The Yoga Sanctuary's 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in May 2013. The program provided me the amazing opportunity to study with Cynthia Funk, Sue Ravazzolo, Janine Woo, Karen Cove, and Orlando Batista.

I continued my studies at The Yoga Sanctuary and completed the 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program in August 2016. This program provided me the amazing opportunity to also study with Hali Schwartz, Anne-Marie Hood, Shehla Khan, and Dr. Yvonne Oswald. 

I have attended workshops lead by Bo Forbes, Leslie Kaminoff, Marla Ericksen, Richard Miller, Mark Stephens, Blake Martin, Rod Stryker and Rodnee Yee at the Yoga Conference in Toronto and with Brenda McMorrow in London at DevaTree.

I teach Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Seniors styles of yoga. In addition, I have developed a few styles of yoga that I teach: "Yoga for Bigger Bodies", designed with the bigger body in mind; "Hypno-Restorative Yoga", combining Hypnosis and Restorative Yoga; and "Yoga for the Actor", designed to prepare body and mind for auditions and performances. I am also trained in "Pre & Post Natal Yoga".

I teach public classes, corporate classes, courses, workshops and yoga and meditation retreats both in Canada and in Costa Rica.  I also offer a Yoga for Bigger Bodies Teacher Training, and a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training. 

I focus my teaching on providing students with modifications to poses and encouraging them to explore what works best for their body each and every class, as this changes from day to day.

As we practice listening and trusting our body’s inner intelligence as our primary guide, we practice self-care. This is something we can take off the mat and into our lives.

I want students to know that I :

  • Create a safe space free of discrimination; where student and teacher are equal
  • Care about your health and safety and respect each individual's abilities
  • Teach from a place of love with kindness and patience for all students
  • Conduct all business affairs with integrity, honesty and fairness
  • Am grateful for your attendance and the trust you place in me

Wishing you all the best always, 

Jefferson Guzman