Private Classes

Yoga was originally practiced in India one-on-one. It wasn’t until yoga was brought to North America, that the ratio of students to teacher increased. Teaching yoga in its traditional ratio provides me the opportunity to custom fit a practice especially for your needs. During our time together we will also identify poses and sequences for you to practice on your own between our sessions. This approach to a regular practice helps students see and feel noticeable changes within themselves in a lot less time. Please contact me for more information and to book your first class today.


Introductory Session $60
1 Session $70
10 Sessions $600


Introductory Session $50
1 Session $60
10 Sessions $500

Depending on your needs, your private class may include one or more of the styles of yoga I teach: Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. In addition, I have developed a few styles of yoga that I teach: "Yoga for Bigger Bodies", designed with the bigger body in mind; "Hypno-Restorative Yoga", combining Hypnosis and Restorative Yoga; and "Yoga for the Actor", designed to prepare body and mind for auditions and performances. I am also trained in "Pre & Post Natal" and “Seniors” yoga.