Private Classes

Yoga was originally practiced in India one-on-one. It wasn’t until yoga was brought to North America, that the ratio of students to teacher increased. Teaching yoga one-on-one provides me the opportunity to custom fit a practice especially for your needs. Private classes also allow me to provide immediate feedback and in the moment re-calibration of the practice to incorporate your growth.

The practice takes place in the comfort of your home and props are supplied, you only need your mat. During the class we will also identify poses for you to practice on your own between our sessions. This approach to a regular practice helps students see and feel noticeable changes within themselves in a lot less time. Please contact me for more information and to book your first class today.

Introductory Session $75
6 Sessions $510 ($85/session)
8 Sessions $640 ($80/session)
10 Sessions $750 ($75/session)

Depending on your needs, your private class may include one or more of the styles of yoga I teach: Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. In addition, I have developed a few styles of yoga that I teach: "Yoga for Bigger Bodies", designed with the bigger body in mind; "Hypno-Restorative Yoga", combining Hypnosis and Restorative Yoga; and "Yoga for the Actor", designed to prepare body and mind for auditions and performances. I am also trained in "Pre & Post Natal" and “Seniors” yoga.