Custom Practice

The benefits of a daily yoga practice are many. One of the greatest is witnessing noticeable changes in your physical, mental and emotional well being. When your yoga practice is custom fit to your specific needs, the potential for growth in all these areas is substantially increased.

Private one-on-one classes provide not only customization, but also immediate feedback and in the moment re-calibration to incorporate your growth. However, when private classes are beyond the demands of your budget or schedule, a custom practice is the next best way to support your growth.

At your 1 hour assessment, we identify your current needs, and establish an overall sense of what you would like yoga to bring into your life. Next, a custom program is prepared for you. We then meet again for a teaching session, where you are led through your practice and any questions are answered. A PDF of your program is also provided for reference.

With consistent, regular practice of your custom program, you will notice over time that your needs shift. A reassessment and new practice is recommended every 8 to 12 weeks in order to support your continued growth. Please contact me for more information and to book your initial assessment today.

Custom Practice $300

Depending on your needs, your custom practice may include one or more of the styles of yoga I teach: Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. In addition, I have developed a few styles of yoga that I teach: "Yoga for Bigger Bodies", designed with the bigger body in mind; "Hypno-Restorative Yoga", combining Hypnosis and Restorative Yoga; and "Yoga for the Actor", designed to prepare body and mind for auditions and performances. I am also trained in "Pre & Post Natal" and “Seniors” yoga.